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Post-Black Friday & Cyber Monday Reflections

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Hey all, hope you had a great and very successful Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday. Over the next few weeks, and into the new year, you’ll be reading all kinds of stats and reports so I thought it would be fun to talk about initial feelings and reactions to our experiences over this time.

I’ll go first. I saw two different approaches to the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend this year. First, some people had a promotion kick off on Black Friday, and run through the weekend, ending on Monday. Cyber Monday got caught up in the Black Friday fun and customers knew they had their 4 days to take advantage of these sales. In some cases, the promotion remained the same but the signage on the site simply changed from “Black Friday Promotion” to “Cyber Monday Promotion”.

Some Pros To This Approach

–       Customers are made aware of their promos ahead of time, and not being discouraged from a different promotion one day later (Customer Service hassle alert)

–       Easier to setup, manage, and analyze as the hype from this weekend allows you to see the real guts of this promotion.

Some Cons To This Approach

–       While your customers are thrown a second promotion, you do lose the ability to get the attention of those shoppers who may not have been attracted by your first promo.

–       In the world of retail, it doesn’t give your online presence a chance to set itself aside from stores, on this one day dedicated to online shopping.

The second approach was the opposite one, treating Cyber Monday as something separate. Black Friday was promoted, pushed, and then Cyber Monday was revealed late Sunday night/early Monday morning as a new promotion for online only. Onsite marketing, email marketing, and promotion changed prompting customers who didn’t buy over the weekend to take advantage of it.

The pros and cons to this approach are pretty much the mirror of the “Same promo” approach. Some customers may get upset that they just placed an order, and missed the opportunity, while you might see some take advantage of a better promo since the first didn’t appeal to them.

In this case, there really is no right answer. I wish there was, would make consulting a lot easier, but there isn’t. Different things work for different people. We have customers and have watched their sites take both approaches, and seen success in both. So it comes down to my usual schtick: Try things out and TEST TEST TEST 🙂

What do you think? Have you tried one or both of the approaches above, this weekend or anytime? Does one work better for you than the other?

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