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Post-Black Friday and Cyber Monday: What’s Next?

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First off I would like to say congratulations to retailers and e-tailers for surviving yet another Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Our boutique eCommerce shop held it together and saw some incredible jumps on our clients sites from this time last year.

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As I am sure the weeks leading up to it were hectic, you are all looking forward to a bit of down time, right? WRONG? Don’t you forget, the shopping season is not yet over. While a bulk of shopping has been completed (mostly personal goodies like televisions and game consoles) there is still lots of customers looking to buy YOUR products.

So, what’s next?

Christmas, Boxing Day, New Years…you name it, December is going to be a hectic month.


If you haven’t made plans for the remainder of the season yet I would be shocked and appalled. Your planning for the holiday season should be already done in weeks leading up to Black Friday. Really focus on the sales you want to you achieve and how you are going to reach your audience. Some things to consider when planning are:

Timeline: Length of Sales
Promotions: x% off when you spend $x.xx. Free Shipping. Sign up and Receive $x.xx off your first order.
Sales Targets: Forecasting compared to year before during same promotion.
Margins & ROI: Set targets for Margins and ROI to maximize Revenue and Profitability.
Your Audience: Who are you targeting with what Promotion.

Once you have a clear cut vision of what you want to accomplish, some tactics you can consider are:

Social Media Marketing

You spend all this time building a fan base and following on Facebook and Twitter right? Save me the heart attack by telling me you don’t, I am just going to assume the answer is yes. Between contests and sharing, Social Media is a great hub for reaching your target audiences during sales and promotional periods.

Search Engine Marketing

View your historic data is Google Analytics. What’s working? What isn’t? Where should you allocate your marketing dollars when the next sale comes up. Plug in certain keywords you may not have targeted last time around into Google Trends and see what new ideas you can come up with.

Email Marketing

This is still a great form of Direct Marketing Online as people are willing to sign up and receive news letters. During the holiday season, it saves a lot of time browsing to have a great messaged delivered right to your inbox. Now don’t quote me on saying your sales will sky rocket because as we know email still is a very difficult tactic to convert and entice opens. But a well executed, and timed email campaign can reach your audience quickly as well as generate awareness for your holiday promotions once they go live on your site.

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In Conclusion

We are not done yet. There will be time to sit back and enjoy some rum and eggnog, but for now the holiday rush is not yet over. Happy Shipping eCommerce Merchants!

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