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The Most Popular Social Logins Globally

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There’s no doubt that social networks are a big drivers of traffic to eCommerce sites. It helps to know that with this in mind, which social sites have the most logins globally for consumers. Customers love to use the functionalities that social platforms provide, for example having the ability to log into a social profile on an eCommerce site, creating one seamless interaction. Having social logins on your site reduces friction for users browsing your online store, they provide social proof. Reviews written by users using social logins integrates across channel,s and are authenticated immediately. Facebook is unsurprisingly the most popular social network, however if you look closely at the data available Facebook is losing its grip on eCommerce slowly, dropping 2% from Q1 2015. Payment providers Amazon and PayPal are becoming popular as a social login option, making up 10% of social logins on eCommerce properties. Check out this infographic containing data from Q2 of 2015 on the top social networks globally and the consumers that regularly log into to them:


Source: Gigya

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Facebook continues its steady climb as most popular third party provider. Tweet this.

Facebook controls two-thirds of all social logins. Tweet this.

Facebook capture 77% of social logins on social devices. Tweet this.

Amazon and PayPal are becoming more popular as third party providers. Tweet this.

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