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Personalized Email Marketing: Improve Open Rates and Conversions

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Let’s be real… aren’t you tired of receiving an overload of marketing emails every single day? However, there are that few that you always seem to open and read because they are simple, targeted and usually personalized just for you. Most merchants just send out mass emails everyday about their deals and products but over time it gets boring. Open rates start to fall, click through rates are insignificant and unsubscribe rates are getting higher.  So what’s wrong here? In today’s blog post I’m going to talk about what is personalized email marketing and how you can use it to improve open rates and conversions.

What is Personalized Email Marketing?

Personalized Email Marketing is an experience that you create for your customers to form a relationship and build a brand loyalty. You want your emails to have a personal touch and fulfill your customer’s interest, wants, problems and needs. I know now you’re excited and want to connect with your customers so let’s get started!

1) Use First Name in the Subject Line

The only opportunity to convince your customer to open the email is with the subject line. The ones that have the customer’s first name always create a personal touch and have higher open rates. The first name is probably one of the easiest things to gather and if the customer has not given you that then you should probably not be emailing them. For example. if you are sending a follow up email to someone who recently purchased something from your online store then the subject line could be “Kassim, Thank you for shopping at Stokes”. So there is no excuse of leaving out these personal touches from email so make sure to always use it.

2) Segment your Data and Use Information Collected

This is where the magic happens. You probably have spent so much time getting to know your customers by collecting and analyzing their data so it’s time you use it. Segmenting your data is the key to success with email marketing. It’s critical to send the right emails to the right people. A guy would probably not be interested in receiving emails about your new female clothing line but would definitely be interested if it was about sports equipment. Therefore collect your data, segment it accordingly and personalize your customer emails. Some of the most common ways of segmenting your data is by age, gender, location, interest level, buying frequency and much, much more.

3) Sender Name and Reply to Emails

The reason you send emails is to engage your customers so why not have a proper sender name and reply to email? A lot of companies usually use, which I think is not a good idea because you are discouraging your customers from actually engaging with you. A real name makes a big difference and people actually feel they are engaging with a real company/person. Remember customers buy based on emotions so make sure they feel the love and they will have think of you before buying. Recently I signed up with a company called Clarity that connects you with the best experts from around the world. Within seconds I got a welcome email with the CEO’s name as the sender name and my name and the company name in the subject line. Obviously I opened the email and it was all about welcoming me to the company and how I could get in touch with them. In addition the reply to email was owners email and at the bottom was also his email signature. Honestly this really made me feel connected right away and I always share this story with everyone.

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4) Purchase History

One of the best ways to increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your customer is to keep track of what they actually bought. It is much easier to sell to your existing customer than go out and get new ones (assuming they had a good experience). During the summer I bought a restaurant deal from a daily deal website in Toronto. They recently ran another deal with the same restaurant and sent me an email about it. They used my past history to create a well targeted email with relevant content. Since I had a great experience last time I ended up buying the deal again and in fact shared it with some of my friends too.

5) Click Through Rates

One of the biggest advantages of using email marketing is to find out and keep track of what your customer is doing with your email after you send them. If a customer has clicked on a certain product you can re-target them with specific information about the product (entice them with a discount). A few months ago I got an email from Expedia about travel deals in Canada. I clicked on the flight and hotel deal for Montreal and the very next day they sent me another email with only Montreal flight and hotel deals. Again track your click through rates to monitor subscriber engagement and interest and conversions will improve.

Hopefully my blog post today has given you a good understanding on how and why to personalize your email campaigns. Focus on making your customers love you and show them that you care and my friend you will be ahead of everyone. If you use any other ways to personalize your emails please share your ideas below.

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