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Performance Partnerships: Why You MUST Read

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From Our CEO

Why it is important to me: Affiliate marketing is a very complex world – Robert Glazer does an amazing job breaking down the concepts and making them tactical.

Background Story: My forum mate at The Entrepreneurs Organization, Robert, launched his very first book yesterday called Performance Partnerships. In this well written book Robert shares the experiences and insights he has gained over the last ten years from influential marketers. By reviewing roots to evolution of affiliate marketing Robert assesses the impact direct-to-consumer digital marketing has and how it can be used to revolutionize marketing and business development practices. To fully wrap our heads around affiliate marketing it is important to know about the history of the industry, the main players, the changes the space is going through, and where industry experts think the space is headed.

How it will benefit you: Affiliate marketing will help you get cost efficient customer acquisition and better brand visibility. Affiliate marketing will continue to be one of the major  and most popular direct to consumer marketing channels available to merchants.

You can get the Kindle version for only $0.99 during the first week of launch (May 9-12th)!

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