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Page load time and its effects on conversion rate

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Conversion Optimization

One of the core features of our service is on-going conversion rate improvement.  Because this is an important part of eCommerce, we tend to get a lot of questions on from prospects and clients on the topic.

As the title of this post might have suggested, load times have tremendous effect on conversion rate.  If there is a more dramatic word than tremendous, then use that, because page load time is that important!!

There are plenty of reports and stats from qualified third party sources that will show you some pretty impressive numbers. KISS Metrics, for example, has reported that a 1 second delay in page load time can result in a 7% loss in conversions.

Heck, Google even counts page load time towards your search engine result ranking.  Do you even need another reason?

Why am I posting this here?  A few reasons actually…

1. To serve as a bit of a reminder the next time you are evaluating hosting companies for your eCommerce business / online store.   That $10/mo. shared hosting plan from supercheaphostcompany sure looks attractive, but what is the true cost of having a slow loading store?  If your conversion is even 1% less than where it could be, is it not worth the money to have your site be as fast as it possibly can be?

2. When you are about to spend money on conversion rate analysis and improvement services, why not do the most obvious (and cheapest) thing first? Upgrade your hosting infrastructure!

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