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Part 1: OroCRM – Tools for Sales

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OroCRM has taken on the ambitious task of building both a “traditional” customer relationship management tool (as traditionally found in a B2B sales function), as well as a data repo to drive customer insights, in a single product. Often, companies who attempt a diversified product risk developing a watered down feature-set to accommodate different use-cases, Oro has managed to create a full-featured system capable of fulfilling both of its lofty goals.

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Maximize the Value of Your CRM

Here at Demac, we are working very closely with Oro in both capacities. This post is the first of a two part series outlining some key functionality of OroCRM, and how retailers can extract the maximum value from this useful software. In part 1, I will be covering Oro as a more “traditional” CRM, and how we’ve helped our customers to define and manage their inbound sales process within Oro. Although it would appear that Oro puts greater emphasis on it’s “Tools for Marketers” functionality, I want to demonstrate how robust the platform is in a traditional CRM role as well.

Below is what an example of an inbound sales process can look like in Oro, using the native Sales Process functionality. In this hypothetical example, let’s assume you are a SaaS business with an inbound sales process.

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Data Tables

As a customer moves through your sales funnel, they will change states in various data tables. The majority of your workflow will come through the leads and sales process tables. You can navigate to these items as follows:



In our hypothetical example, let’s suppose that you have a “contact us” web form, which is prompted when a customer downloads your content. Any data from web-forms is being posted to the Leads table in Oro. The majority of your interactions with prospective customers will live in this table. You can also manually create a lead by clicking on “Create Lead”. Also worth noting, if there are multiple web-forms (perhaps a contact-us, and a “let’s chat”), we can filter our leads down based on which web form they’ve submitted (Source Webform Name). This is not native field, but the functionality can be developed.


Fields in Leads Table



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As a prospective client moves through the sales process, and is qualified as a valid lead, they become an opportunity. If a contact is made who is pre-qualified, they can be created directly in this table, however the majority of records in this table will be progressed through the leads tables.

Most of the fields above carry through to the Opportunities table.

New fields

You can pull reports based on opportunity status. A potential use case for this data would be to query for “cancelled” opportunities and send a follow-up email asking on the status of the project.

Web Customers

Anyone who has registered an account on your site is registered into the Web Customers table. This data is synced directly from Magento.


All eCommerce transactions processed by Magento are imported into this table.

B2B Customers

Anyone who has been marked as a won opportunity is populated into the B2B customer table.


The contact table records warehouses all contacts with whom there have been any interaction. Data can be imported as desired. As part of the opportunity development process, a new contact (or a merge with an existing record) is required.


Web Customers + B2B Customers

Sales Process
Now that you are familiar with the data tables and their significance, how do you start managing your sales process using OroCRM? Let’s walk through a concrete example of the workflow of converting a new inbound lead.

New Lead

A prospect has visited your site, and filled in a download request form. Their data is populated into the leads table. We can set email triggers to notify the sales team of new inbound leads.


Detailed Sales flow

Once a lead has expressed interest, they can be qualified by through the sales process.

  1. Start from lead
  2. Sales people can either work through the list of leads alphabetically, as they are displayed by default, or search for a specific lead by name (demonstrated below)
  3. Qualify the lead by getting basic information on the customer, company name, and additional comments such as artwork. None of these are required fields; a lead can be qualified without any additional interaction if the sales person deems them fit
    Untitled-1As part of this qualification process, we may have an interaction with the prospective customer. In this hypothetical, let’s suppose we made a call to scope out the project, and get additional details. We followed up that call with confirmation of pricing details. I can log the details of this call into this lead’s profile. Following the call, we wish to send the lead pricing information based on the phone conversation.
    Untitled-1These interactions are logged through the leads table and are summarized for each lead
  4. Now that we have qualified the project and gotten additional information, we have a new opportunity. As part of the opportunity development process, we have another call with the client to get relevant details associated with that lead.From the opportunities table, we can now log all of our interactions with this prospect.






Finally, the prospect decides to purchase, and we can close the opportunity as won.



OroCRM is incredibly flexible, and thus far we have only scratched the surface of its’ capabilities. Natively, Oro has the ability to handle sales flow management, but given the proper development team, there is no limit to what can be done with the platform. Try it for yourself at, and as always, feel free to reach out if you want to chat about our experience with Oro.

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