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Your Order Confirmation Page: 8 Ways to Improve

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Looking for more ways the optimize the performance of your eCommerce business? There are many simple executable tactics you can implement quickly to ensure the success of your online store! The purchasing experience on your website should be a positive one for your customers, and that process almost always ends with an order confirmation page. One of the strongest, yet sometimes overlooked features of a website and the online buying process is the Order Confirmation Page (mostly seen in the form of a “Thank You” page). Order confirmation pages are more than just a display of text and graphics that appear at the end of the process for a consumer. When well executed, order confirmation pages can become a powerful tool to optimize your conversions and increase your customer lifetime value, through an excellent customer experience!

Here are 8 ways you can improve your online store’s order confirmation page that can help bring your post-conversion strategies to a better, more profitable level, through a well thought-out strategy and simple optimization tactics.

Order Confirmation Page Essentials:

Order confirmation page
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1. Express Gratitude

Nothing is more appreciated than receiving sincere words of praise and thanks. Your customers are more likely to repeat purchases if they feel valued. When you have a great product, offered through the incentivized action, you will begin to see profitability. Never miss showing earnest gratitude to the patrons that can potentially become precious brand ambassadors for you and your business/products.

2. Add a “Continue Shopping” Link

Providing shopping links after expressing gratitude will give existing customers a direct opportunity to buy more from you.This will help you sell a different set of products or services to a client you’ve already retained. Direct links to products or special deals can also maximize your potential for added conversion.

3. Introduce Featured Products

Featuring your most relevant products turns your order confirmation page into a helpful resource that can entice customers to possibly make another purchase later on. By implementing suggested featured products based on customer needs and browser history, you create a win-win situation for both you and the consumer.

4. Include a Newsletter Opt-in

Reminding users to opt-in to your company newsletter helps increase your database and invites users to keep coming back for more. It’s a great way to make them feel like they are part of an exclusive list that have “first dibs” on your promotions/product offering.

5. Ask for Shopping Experience Feedback

Incorporating a quick survey to get customer feedback can lead to site improvement. when customers see that you are concerned about what they think, and that you have dedicated time to polishing your product or service to meet their expectations adds value to their patronage and esteem. This will build a sense of trust that can encourage regular purchases from them going forward.

6. Add Social Media Links

Going viral can easily be done through social networks. Sharing purchases bought from your site on networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest increases the chances of expanding your market and multiplying your revenue. Users are always intrigued by what their friends’ latest findings and shares.

7.  Include a Summary of the Order

Customers like to see everything about their order history including the complete details about the purchased products, the billing information, and the shipping method. This order recap gives your customer peace of mind by showing them exactly what they want, making them look forward for their next purchase.

8. Give a coupon

Everyone loves an extra deal. You can entice the customer to make another purchase by giving him a coupon code after his initial one. To ensure that the customers come back, you can also send them a gift to thank them for their purchase. Make sure to mention in your coupon details how valued they are as a customer and that you’re looking forward to their next visit!

Why it Matters:

Order  confirmation page
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Customer experience should be your number one priority. Think about it like this; if your customers aren’t satisfied with the experiences they have when buying via your website do you really think they’ll return? Order confirmation pages are one of the simplest ways to optimized customer experience on your website. Happy customers equal a thriving business, so improve your order confirmation page with my suggestions today!

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