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How to Optimize Your Welcome Emails

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When someone signs up for your email newsletter, welcome emails (which are used by 81% of B2C marketers) act as your virtual handshake and “Hi, nice to meet you!” And if your welcome email is optimized correctly, it can increase your revenue and lay the foundation for a long, loyal relationship between you and your customers. In fact, welcome emails have 320% more revenue per email than other promotional emails- not to mention an 86% increase in unique open rate and a 336% increase in transaction rate. There are various techniques you can use to make your welcome emails count. Learn how to optimize your welcome email from subject line to email copy in the infographic below.


Source: Easy SMTP

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Real-time welcome emails see 10x the transaction rate of batched email. Tweet this.

Offering discounts in your welcome email creates 2.6x more transactions. Tweet this.

The word “sale” in subject lines has been shown to increase open rates by 23.2%. Tweet this.

Welcome emails have a 196% increase in unique click rate when compared to other promotional emails. Tweet this.

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