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Optimal Payments NETBANX Magento Extension

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We’re excited to share the latest custom Magento extension built by the team here at Demac Media: the Optimal Payments NETBANX Hosted Payment module! This is a free software download that is now available on Magento Connect and compatible with both the Magento Community and Enterprise editions!

For those unfamiliar with our friends at Optimal Payments, they are a leading global online payment solutions provider and now a Magento Silver Industry Partner! The launch of this extension provides merchants with the most comprehensive payment processing system including seamless integration with ThreatMetrixTM fraud management tools. Check out below for all the details on this awesome extension. 


The Optimal Payments Magento extension allows eCommerce businesses to securely accept and process online payments using Optimal’s NETBANX payment gateway and services. The integration is easy to implement and provides the ultimate in payment processing capabilities, fraud management, and reporting.

The Optimal Payments extension uses Silent Post integration to the merchant’s website. During checkout, payment information is entered on the merchant website and then transmitted securely via Silent Post for processing to the NETBANX payment gateway. The customer remains on the merchant’s website at all times allowing the merchant to manage the customer experience. When the customer clicks on the Pay button, payment data is transmitted directly to NETBANX using a PCI-compliant process without accessing any merchant servers.

This integration significantly reduces PCI compliance requirements and liability as all of the credit card information is processed in Optimal Payments Level 1 PCI compliant environment and servers leaving no sensitive customer payment information stored locally on merchant servers.

Through the Optimal Payments integration merchants also have the option to enable ThreatMetrix fraud detection and management services.  ThreatMetrix works by collecting relevant data about the customer and the order, and validating this information during the checkout. Fully integrated into the NETBANX payment gateway, enabling the ThreatMetrix option will allow merchants to automatically hold and flag suspicious orders, drastically reducing any fraud occurrences. Depending on the Score returned by ThreatMetrix an order can be held and flagged or altogether denied during the checkout. And added benefit for merchants is that this functionality to hold and release orders as well as issuing credits, refunds or cancelling orders can all be managed directly through the Magento.

Key Extension Features

– Connectivity to optimal NETBANX payment gateway via Silent Post
– Reduces PCI compliance requirements and liability
– Optional integration with Threat Metrics Fraud detection
– Mimics the settings and configurations of the built-in gateway options inherent within Magento
– Creates familiar experience for merchant configuration

Installation and Purchase

The Optimal Payments NETBANX Hosted Payment module is now available as a free download on Magento Connect and is currently compatible with:

– Magento Community Edition (CE) and up
– Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) 1.11 and up

Purchase Extension

We are in continuous development with Optimal Payments to expand this extension’s features, functionality and connectivity throughout 2014! Stay tuned for future updates.

If you have any further questions in regards to the initial installation, please contact and a member of the support team will assist you.

What does this extension look like live?

Seamlessly integrated into your Magento site, with the extension live, it looks like a regular checkout page! Here’s an example from one of our clients Mackage.

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