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The Best Online Merchandising Tactics to Move Product!

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Welp – we’re in the thick of the biggest sales season of the year! If you haven’t yet planned out how to merchandise your products to sell – then now’s the best time to start!

Online merchandising is an art and a science. You might think of it similar displaying products in a physical store’s windows to attract the attention of passing consumers. However, the attention of holiday shoppers is being pulled in all different directions this time of year. Your team needs to be strategic yet nimble, to help them focus and find what they need. If all you’re doing is discounting everything to remain competitive, then you’re participating in a race to the bottom that won’t end well for your business. It’s not profitable nor sustainable!

The Best Online Merchandising Tactics to Move ANY Products


Read on below to learn how you can sell any type of product this holiday season! From keeping your “Rockstar Products” products moving, or to get rid of “Dead Product” – here’s our best tactics for successful holiday merchandising.

1. Merchandising Rockstar Products

Rockstar Product: those that have always been a tried and true seller for your store.

  1. You want to optimize best-seller carousels throughout your site.
    • You can use your own, or a third-party recommendations engine to do this.
  2. Replace Featured Category thumbnails.
    • Since these are your calls-to-action, you want to make sure you’re picking the best representation of the category – don’t be afraid to make swaps in real-time based on what’s trending.
  3. Add category content blocks to your category pages.
  4. Add bestseller badges to to your products – images are the primary way users decide what to click-through.
    • A badge will help a product deep in the page stand out more to a customer.
  5. Add-to-cart cross-sells.
    • DO NOT confuse customers by introducing more complexities – you might lower your conversion rate.
    • DO think about the impulse aisle at the grocery store – so show no-brainer/easy products that your customers will want to buy.
  6. Add “you may like” to zero results found pages.
    • It’s always better to show something, rather than nothing!

2. Merchandising Your Hot Products

HOT products – those that represent the most revenue growth in a time period.

  1. Promote to a homepage feature
  2. Feature in flyout navigation
  3. Prioritizing placement in your holiday buying guides
  4. Promote through social posts and paid social posts
  5. Promote in product page and cart cross-sells
  6. Create blog content about these products – make shoppable with a “Buy” button
  7. Pin to the top of your relevant categories

3. Merchandising Cold Products

Cold Products: those that have the biggest revenue drop in the last week.

Investigate why:

Online Merchandising

4. Merchandising Promising Products

Promising Products: those that are less visited but have a strong conversion rate.

5. Merchandising Products to Improve Non-Sellers

Ask yourself: why are these products dead?

6. Merchandising Dead Products

An Important Note on Discounted Products

It’s really important that you track the sales and conversion rates of your most discounted products in real-time. Pull a report to determine whether you want to keep those products in a flash sale. What you want to do depends on your merchandising strategies and goals.

Stay Responsive this Holiday Season!

If you’re not hitting your projected targets you can turn up the heat and get more aggressive with your strategies. If Black Friday Cyber Monday didn’t go to plan then you can determine in real-time what you can do to help, like:

You can try a lot of different things to make that product move. Create a “Cyber Week” type of promotion, or if you find that you’re moving a lot of full priced products on Black Friday you can keep the discounting and promotions limited to just one day. Respond to what’s happening on the fly, be ready to tackle either/or tactic. Set both up and see what’s working best for your store.

It doesn’t help to set it and forget!

Start a new cultural process at your business! Stay nimble to reaction to changes on the fly all year round.

*this post is an adaptation of a Webinar hosted by Workarea Commerce’s Linda Bustos.

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