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One Step Checkout Extensions – Which to Choose?

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One Step Checkout in Magento

If you’ve played around with Magento’s default checkout you won’t be surprised to know that most Magento merchants modify it in some way shape or form. One possible way to modify your checkout is to convert it to a single page as opposed to the default multi-step, accordion checkout.

Really, one step checkout extensions in Magento aren’t really one step. In-fact, they don’t calculate and process ordering in one step. They really only make it appear like the checkout is one step. This may not seem significant, but it can make a significant difference between whether or not the customer decides to complete their checkout. In this article I will explore 23 one-step checkout extensions.

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Here is the data I gathered:

Module Lowest Price Average Reviews # Reviews
MageFam Quick One Step Checkout $29.00 0 0
AM One Step Checkout $49.00 0 0
Brainvire One Step Checkout Extension $49.99 0 0
Magesolution One Step Checkout $69.00 0 0
OnlineBiz One Step Checkout $89.00 0 0
CMSIdeas One Step Checkout $39.00 5 1
Aitoc One Step Checkout Manager $129.00 5 2
AheadWorks One Step Checkout $149.00 4.9 8
J2T OneCheckout $42.44 5 9
Lotusbreath One Step Checkout $0.00 4.2 10
Apptha One Step Checkout $99.00 4.6 19
EcommerceTeam Easy Checkout 2 $120.00 5 25
Quick One Page Checkout $89.00 5 26
FME One Step Checkout $85.00 5 41
Fire Checkout $189.00 5 46
MageWorld One Step Checkout Pro $149.00 4.9 57
MageStore One Step Checkout $149.00 4.7 58
OneStepCheckout(.com) $281.09 4.4 84
GoMage LightCheckout $169.00 4.4 144
IWD Free One Page / Step Checkout $0.00 3.9 165

I also looked at GrafischDirect One Step Checkout because it’s part of an extension subscription service that gives you multiple extensions. I don’t like that model because it encourages the extension developer to mass-produce extensions for quantity over quality. Also, I don’t like that they don’t have a Magento Connect extension page. I’m also leaving out MAGExtended Master Checkout because they took their extension out of Magento Connect and don’t offer technical support. I’d avoid this extension and extension provider!

The Best Free One Step Checkout

IWD One Page / Step Checkout is free and works relatively well. This was the first extension we added store credit support for at Magecredit. I really do wish they would post it on Github for the community to improve though. If you’re looking for the most used free one step checkout extension, that’s the one you should check out.


Lotusbreath One Step Checkout seems pretty good too, though the name “Lotusbreath” isn’t the most appealing. Who chose that name?!

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The Highest Reviewed One Step Checkout

Fire Checkout has 46 5 out of 5 star ratings on Magento connect, so it takes the cakes for getting the best reviews. It’s also the 2nd most expensive one though. “Quick One Page Checkout” has 26 five-star reviews, so it came in a close 2nd. MageWorld One Step Checkout Pro comes in 3rd with 57 reviews averaging 4.9.

firecheckout review

The Most Popular One Step Checkout

The most popular one step checkout extension once again is IWD’s free version. Some users have reported issues (average rating is 3.9 on 165 reviews), but it’s free and a huge number of merchants are using it. GoMage LightCheckout takes 2nd place with 144 reviews and takes 3rd with 84 reviews. OneStepCheckout is also the most expensive checkout extension that I could find.


The Best for Magento Enterprise

Although’s extension is the most expensive on the market right now, if you’re running Magento enterprise I’d recommend giving it a strong look. I say this because I know that they were one of the first extensions to hit the Magento extension marketplace, so they’ve definitely got a lot of experience dealing with issues that you might face. While I was working with Sweet Tooth we spent a lot of time interacting with their team when merchant’s had issues, and it was always a pleasure to work with them. Unfortunately it was a pain working with many other one-step checkout developers.


The Underdog Checkout Extensions

MageFam Quick One Step Checkout, AM One Step Checkout, Brainvire One Step Checkout Extension , and Magesolution One Step Checkout all seem to be relatively new. They each cost under $100 USD. It might be worth giving them a try if you’re not pressed for time or if you have a really good, knowledgeable Magento developer team with certified Magento developers like Demac Media has.

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