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November 2013 – Canadian eCommerce Monthly Trends Report

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We are well into the holiday season as shoppers hit the stores and search the Internet, looking for the perfect presents to give. This month we bring you a special edition of the Monthly Trends Report for November, featuring Canadian Black Friday results.

But first, let’s dive into how the USA fared this year during Black Friday. In a recent webinar by Bronto Software Inc, in 2011 Black Friday was a marketing tactic that retailers tried to take advantage of. Fast-forward to 2013, the Black Friday trend has grown. U.S Black Friday year-over-year sales increased 14.97% in 2013. According to Bronto Software, 2011-2012 year-over-year trends reports show that retailers took advantage of the Black Friday promotional theme and ran with it through out the year. 2013 carried a similar trend but with incremental increases through out the year. American retailers were starting to push Black Friday promotions earlier and more frequently. Approximately 20 days before the big discount day there was consistent increase and a steady climb of Black Friday promotions leading up to Black Friday. This is a good indication that the Black Friday promotional theme was not being overused through the year.

Curious about Canadian eCommerce? We’ll we’ve got just the report for you! Our Monthly Trends Reports help to give a snapshot of the Canadian eCommerce industry. This month, take a look at how our very own Canadian retailers did during Black Friday!

This is the twenty-seventh post in our Canadian eCommerce Monthly Trends series. Following up from last month’s data, the following data was collected from November 1 – November 30, 2013. Data from 10-15 Canadian-Only online retail businesses was collected through the compilation of statistics from eCommerce platform and Google Analytics data. This report offers an aggregate analysis of undisclosed eCommerce retailers (All data is rounded to two decimal places). The contents of this report include data from eCommerce merchants of all sizes, from top Canadian retailers, to local small-medium size businesses representing a variety of industries.

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