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New Site, Brand Evolution, More Story

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eCommerce Strategy, From Our CEO

It is somewhat fitting that we launch our new site as 2014 gets started. We had a pretty incredible 2013, pushing ourselves and our sites to new limits in many, many ways. We learned a lot about who we are as a team and as individuals. Our long(ish) term vision for Demac Media has only changed ever so slightly over the years. We set out to be at the core of eCommerce for our clients and every day we take another step in fulfilling this.

I am a big believer in the power of a good story. Designing this site and developing the content for it was, and continues to be, one big effort in story telling. We feel that our story is a good one and we hope you enjoy all of its bits and pieces.

2013 brought a new platform partner to Demac Media, something we honestly didn’t think was going to happen anytime soon, but ultimately made so much sense that we couldn’t not take the leap. Our partnership with Shopify shocked a few folks that have watched us grow over the years.  The natural evolution of a company like ours is to move up-market and work with top tier enterprise platforms (i.e. – IBM, Oracle, Hybris etc..).

We feel that commerce is constantly evolving and with that comes a bigger opportunity for us to build a lasting, sustainable business where we can take merchants from their earliest days and help them grow well into the future.

Everyone talks about growing with their customers. I think it’s pretty cool that we’ve managed to actually pull this off over the last 5 years (we even added the start/end date to the clients in our Work section). Many of our best customers started just as we did, as startups with ideas and ambitions. Partnering with both Magento and Shopify will allow us the opportunity to help the next generation of commerce companies start and grow.

So why such a dramatic change in the brand? Very little was kept from our old “look” when compared to what you see now. If the company hasn’t changed that much, why should the brand change so dramatically? Simply put, we’re just evolving.

When we set about to create the new site, there were some key ideas that were non-negotiable…

Education / Content First


Every week we produce more and more content. Whether we’re writing a book to publish or just writing a tutorial for one of our customers, we love sharing what we learn. The new site had to make our efforts to educate front and center. You’ll notice that the first items in our navigation are resource based. We plan on expanding the resources section of the site in the coming months.

We’re also still learning on how to best organize our content so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Balance of Services & Product

We have had a very controlled growth curve in our services business, taking care to invest heavily in R&D over the years. This investment in creating great technology for our merchants has resulted in a balanced set of services and products that help us scale more efficiently.  Simply put, we can do a lot more for our clients with a lot less “man hours”.

Let’s not kid ourselves. We’re not a product company. We’re also not a services company. I like to think we’re building something in-between the two.


We don’t actually get a heck of a lot of mobile traffic to our site. What we do get is a growing number of visitors on larger screen resolutions. For this reason we wanted to build a site that used up more available real estate on these types of screens while not ignoring the smaller-screen world.

We are still tweaking this layout so bare with us while we get it just-right in the coming weeks!

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