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My First Week in eCommerce

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Hi there!

I’m new, so let me introduce myself. My name is Katie Hudson and I’m the latest addition here at Demac Media as the Marketing and Sales Coordinator. This past week has just flown by, and to be honest, this is my first time working in the eCommerce space! But I’m super excited to be here, and am really looking forward to my exciting future here at Demac Media and within Canadian eCommerce.

To give you a little background on myself, I graduated from the Honours Business Administration Co-op Program from Wilfrid Laurier University. I just spent the past year in Medellín, Colombia working for a consulting firm within their marketing department. My time abroad was an amazing time, where I had the opportunity to gain some incredible work experience, travel the country, become fluent in Spanish (almost!), and make a ton of new friends. Colombia is a beautiful country, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in travelling through South America!

I arrived back in my home and native land at the end of February and began my job search right after getting back. I ended up getting hired on the spot at Demac Media and then started here two days later. Essentially I am going to be the voice behind Demac Media, and am taking over all the Marketing aspects of the company; everything from content creation, our Shop Talk blog, social media, event planning and even video production.

So how was my first whirlwind week in Canadian eCommerce? Really fun and incredibly interesting. I never thought I would end up in eCommerce but here I am, and what a great place to be! eCommerce is a massive part of not only the Internet but all types of businesses around the world.

To give you an idea of the scope of the industry, in 2010, 51% of all Internet users ordered goods or services for personal or household use. In total, Canadians placed nearly 114 million orders valued at approximately $15.3 billion. Among those who placed an order, individuals averaged about 10 orders over a 12-month period, with an average total value of $1,362 per person. **

In my opinion, when people think about Marketing and the kinds of industries they can work in, I don’t imagine that eCommerce is at the top of their list… normally it’s reserved for the “sexier” industries like Online Media, Advertising, CPG etc. But eCommerce has surprised me in as little time as my first week on the job, and the way this industry is going, I think it has the potential to be the next “sexy” industry. It’s somewhat of a hidden gem. Just think about how much power and impact it has. What would happen if we couldn’t make purchases online? Or if tracking and ERP software didn’t work to properly decrease/increase inventory levels and get our purchases to our door? Our whole online society would be completely changed!

Even from a marketing standpoint it’s really intriguing. For example, in the realm of traditional marketing, you can “guesstimate” the impact/results with marketing campaigns however with eCommerce you can report every little bit of it! Full analytics reports, number of clicks, conversion rates, page views etc… the list goes on! This can have such a positive impact on your business and help to give more insight which can overall increase the effectiveness of your strategic planning processes.

So stick around for weekly posts about eCommerce and Marketing to learn more. There’s going to be a lot more discussed here starting now! We look forward to hearing your thoughts and reading your comments, as well as increasing the awareness of Canadian eCommerce!

** Taken from Stats Canada (
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