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App-y holidays with a Strong Mobile Strategy

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A global PayPal survey of mobile shopping trends recently revealed that 47% of those shopping on mobile prefer to use an app over a browser. It’s estimated that this holiday season, November-through-December, that sales will continue the trend of double-digit growth. eCommerce is expected to be strong to say the least, with sales estimated increase 14% over the same time last year. Customers are feeling more comfortable with using their mobile devices while shopping, from comparing prices to researching product information, and are expected to use these devices during the holiday season. Retailers are anxious to know just how much mCommerce (mobile commerce) will contribute to overall online sales this year. According to eMarketer, mCommerce sales will grow 32% in 2015 – faster than overall eCommerce. 59% of mobile users are between the ages of 18-34, and look for a well-developed easy to use app. Retailers are looking for ways to unify the shopping experience, to make it easier to buy and keep coming back. Check out this infographic with research provided by PayPal to learn how some retailers are keeping shoppers merry for the holiday season with a strong mobile strategy.

mobile holidays infographic

Source: Entrepreneur

59% of smartphone shoppers are 18-34 years old. Tweet this.

The highest frequency of online shopping occurs in China. Tweet this.

Over the past 12 months mobile shoppers most often searched for product info. Tweet this.

Nearly twice as many mobile shoppers prefer to use and app. Tweet this.

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