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Mobile Payment Trends

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Consumers are doing much more than making a phone call from a mobile device. These days, mobile payments are emerging as an alternate way to engage buyers. Customers can complete online purchases through mobile payment systems. At the most basic level, mobile payments allow merchants to conduct payment transactions with a simple swipe of a card through a near field communication reader (NFC Reader) or tap-and-go system. According to this week’s infographic, mobile payments will represent 3% of the global eCommerce market by 2017 and by 2018 the mobile commerce market is expected to be a $278.9 Billion industry. Merchants can transact whenever, wherever, and in whatever way they choose, providing a unique opportunity to connect with customers and deliver value.



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  • Mobile payments will represent 3% of the global eCommerce market by 2017. Tweet This!
  • 50% of new technologies launched by 2015 are to be NFC enabled. Tweet This!
  • Mobile commerce is expected to reach $278.9 Billion by 2018. Tweet This!
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