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Mobile Millennials in Canada

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Millennials, millennials, millennials! That’s all retailers and marketers hear these days, but why? Millennials are the most sought after demographic for advertisers, not only are they eager to consume and spend disposable income they make up more than half of those buying online. The purchasing power of millennials is dictating how overall commerce evolves, especially in Canada. 70% of millennials access the internet on desktop and mobile devices in a month, making up a majority of Canada’s digital population. These shoppers, between the ages of 18-34, spend the most online in any given year compared to other demographics. Millennials also have been quick to jump on mCommerce, using their mobile devices to make a significant number of purchases in comparison to other generations. To millennials shopping is a hobby. Leverage these tech savvy shoppers by taking into consideration the following metrics by ComScore which shows the key ways Millennials are unique in their online behaviours across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices.

CA_Mobile_Millennials_Infographic_OCT15 copy

Source: ComScore

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