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Mobile Commerce Growing 300% Faster Than eCommerce

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We knew that Mobile Commerce was growing quickly, but recent data is showing that it’s about to completely take-off in the next year. At the current rate of penetration mobile commerce is expected to grow 300% than eCommerce by 2016! According to data collected from 8 different trusted resources including Statista and Internet Retailer it’s suggested that between 2013 and 2016 mobile shopping is growing 42% compared to eCommerce’s 13%. Denmark, Norway, and Sweden are leading the mCommerce evolution with the fastest mobile growth globally. Emerging markets in India, Taiwan, and Malaysia are also leading the way for shopping growth on mobile device. Consumers are more than ever hitting up popular online stores like Amazon, Apple, Walmart, Google Play, on their mobile devices to do their shopping on the go. In fact, the mobile revenue of grew 110% in 2014, generating $16.8 billion USD! Check out the infographic below by to learn more about the astounding growth of mCommerce, and to understand more about the trend towards mobile usage:

mCommerce growing faster than eCommerce

Source: Coupofy

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