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Mobile Commerce is The Craze, but Does it Convert?

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Mobile is no longer a commerce trend, but an accepted standard in the online shopping journey.

The rapid proliferation of smartphones changed the face of retail forever. We witnessed it for ourselves over the past decade, there’s rarely a moment when you’ll look around you in public and not see someone with a phone in hand.

In six short years smartphone ownership in America climbed 42%, with 77% owning a smartphone.

Mobile devices are an obsession, but the big question for retailers and merchants is: do they actually convert?

Mobile Commerce

mobile commerce, mobile conversion, omnichannel, demac media. magento, shopify plus, weblinc
Mobile devices have spread like wildfire, impacting retail in a big way. Let’s breakdown some of the numbers behind mobile’s share in the commerce world to get a better idea of how smartphones are influencing overall commerce.



Mobile devices like tablet and smartphones are driving the majority of sessions online, designating them as browsing devices for consumers. Desktop still brings in more revenue, as many consumers still have concerns over privacy and security, but the gap is quickly closing.

STOP Focusing on one Device vs. the Other

mobile commerce, mobile conversion, omnichannel, demac media. magento, shopify plus, weblinc
Mobile isn’t converting as well as desktop, but using a mobile device for browsing and pre-purchase research is the new standard among consumers.



mobile commerce, mobile conversion, omnichannel, demac media. magento, shopify plus, weblinc
It’s not another piece of jargon that gets tossed around too much. Omnichannel is your commerce reality. Omnichannel explains what the heck is going on between devices, and how retailers should interpret these metrics to get shoppers to convert!

All of the these devices – desktop, tablet, smartphone – are all part of one buying journey.

There’s a few reasons why consumers don’t buy more on mobile, including: PC preference, privacy and security issues, and screen size.

The Traditional Buyer Journey is Being Redefined.

Changing buying preferences have made it harder to create a unified experience between devices, and online / offline. Retailers however need to meet these new expectations. Even eCommerce giants have been making moves between digital and physical Amazon for instance opened a brick-and-mortar bookstore earlier this year.

Users on your site browsing via portable devices are there to browse and research. Ignoring them altogether would hurt your business. Not only could they potentially convert on desktop, they are likely to step into a physical retail location to make their purchase, post-mobile consideration!

According to new research by Wolfgang digital, there are strong correlations between high percentages and mobile traffic and high site conversion rates.

You need to make your customer’s journey flawless. Do so by considering entire omnichannel experience. Whether that be mobile, desktop, or in-store. To help mobile shoppers convert focus on improving user experience (UX) to simplify the checkout process. Otherwise improving CX (customer experience) should be your primary focus!

Key Takeaways for Retailers!

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