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Mini Webinar Series:
Discussing key eCommerce Trends for 2014

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eCommerce Strategy

Discussing Key eCommerce Trends for 2014

Join us for a three part webinar series that will discuss key eCommerce trends for 2014 – and how you can leverage them for success.

February 13 – Get customers to your site
February 20 – Keep customers on your site
February 27 – Set your site up for success

The webinar series will be hosted by Dave Geada, Director of Marketing at Tenzing and our very own VP of Strategy, Jamie Schreter. Each week will include a short presentation, roughly 20-25 minutes, highlighting one area of business, with discussion and Q&A to follow.

Thurs Feb 13th: Get customers to your site

Part one of our three part webinar series will cover useful strategies for attracting visitors to your site. In this webinar, we will introduce some key marketing trends for 2014 such as retargeting and remarketing as well as ways to tackle shopping cart abandonment.

Thurs Feb 20th: Keep customers on your site

Now that you’ve attracted customers to your site and have done all the marketing you can to get your eCommerce business noticed. What’s next? Part two of our webinar series will talk about keeping customers engaged with immersive content and responsive design.

Thurs Feb 27th: Set your site up for success

Consumers are embracing digital technology and are using these devices at all stages of their purchasing cycle. Furthermore, one of the most important factors of a successful business is sustainability. In our final instalment of our three part webinar series, we will discuss the importance of Omnichannel and CRM for B2C merchants.

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