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Mini Tutorial: How to place a product on sale or special in Magento

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Setting up a promotional sales campaign for your online store is a great way to increase traffic and encourage customers to check out. There are always reasons to place a product on sale; maybe it’s the holiday season, a back to school campaign or you’ve just got old inventory you need to clear out to make room for a new line of products. Whatever the occasion, the next step is to actually set one up in the backend of your Magento store. But wait, you don’t know how? No worries! We’ve got the tutorial (with a step by step video) for you! Check it out below.

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Placing a Product on Sale/Special in Magento

This tutorial applies to both Community and Enterprise editions of Magento. In the Magento admin, you can put a date constraint on the sale.

To place a product on sale, follow these steps:

1. Login to the Magento admin
2. On the top menu go to Catalog > Manage Products
3. Click the product on the grid to edit
4. On the left menu, click Prices
5. (If you only have one store skip this step) On the top left, select the appropriate Store from the drop down
6. Enter the desired Sale price on the field “Special Price”
7. If applicable, assign a date range using the fields “Special Price From Date” and “Special Price To Date”
8. Click Save
9. On the top menu go to System > Index Management
10. Find “Product Prices” from the grid and hit “Reindex Data”
11. On the top menu go to System > Cache Management
12. Check the “Page Cache” item, make sure the “Actions” dropdown has a value of “Refresh”, and click Submit

There you have it! Follow steps 1 through 12 to place a product on sale/special in Magento. Here’s a video to walk you the process, step-by-step.

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