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Mini Tutorial:
Changing Shopping Cart to Shopping Bag on Magento

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It’s been a while since the Shopping Cart has been just that. Nowadays you can see it being called: Shopping Basket or Shopping Bag. It all relates to the user experience. Online retailers are trying to make the user experience likeable and familiar. We try to use the most common terms users know or are familiar with. For instance, clothing or fashion retailers prefer to use Shopping Bag instead of shopping cart. I have also seen a couple of sites using Shopping Basket. This is because we want the user to feel like it’s ‘In-Store Retail’.

I really like the idea of changing the name of the shopping cart – Just remember that some changes will lead to better conversion rates and others are just for aesthetic purposes. Measure results via A/B Testing. If you have no idea what I’m talking about check out these links:


Before going through the long lengthy list of files that you need to modify in Magento, take a look at some of our live examples. We have successfully replaced the Shopping Cart to Shopping Bag on the following client sites:

Don’t under estimate changes!

Haven’t you ever said “Oh, that’s easy. I’ll change it right away” and then end up spending more time than expected, frustrating yourself and the client in the process?Changing the name ‘Shopping Cart’ to ‘Shopping Bag’ on Magento requires a lot of detail. Since the Shopping Cart is the heart of an eCommerce Platform you need to make changes on a lot of files. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard, just be careful and remember to edit every cart location. To make things easier for you, I’ve created a list of locations where changes need to be made.

A standard installation of Magento will have the following references for the Shopping Cart: header, mini cart, mini cart – empty, product listing page, product detail page, shopping cart page, checkout page. I will try to illustrate the changes for you.


Modify all instances of My Cart on the file /app/design/frontend/enterprise/[theme-name]/template/checkout/cart/cartheader.phtml

Mini Cart – Open

Modify all instances of View My Cart on the file /app/design/frontend/enterprise/[theme-name]/template/checkout/cart/cartheader.phtml

Empty Mini Cart

Modify all instances of You have no items on your Shopping Cart on the file /app/design/frontend/enterprise/[theme-name]/template/checkout/cart/noItems.phtml

Product Listing Page

Modify all instances of Add to Cart on the file /app/design/frontend/enterprise/[theme-name]/template/catalog/product/list.phtml

If you use an image instead, change the sytles.css file accordingly

Product Detail

Modify all instances of Add to Cart on the file /app/design/frontend/enterprise/[theme-name]/template/catalog/product/view.phtml

Shopping Cart Page

Modify all instances of Add to Cart on the file /app/design/frontend/enterprise/[theme-name]/template/checkout/cart.phtml

Checkout Page

You may have some references to the Cart on the Checkout page. If you use onepage change the files under /app/design/frontend/enterprise/[theme-name]/template/checkout/onepage.

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