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Meet the Demacians! – Christine MacDonald

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Hello and welcome to the second post in our new series on the blog wherein you get the chance to meet the amazing team at Demac Media!

In case you miss last week’s post, we had the pleasure of learning more about Integration Specialist David Philip’s interest in the poetry of Po Chu-I – this week we’re talking to my fellow Biz Dev teammate! I might be biased, but Marketing Director Christine MacDonald is hella smart, a #GirlBoss, and has a cute Corgi to boot. What’s not to love?

Let’s get to know this Marketing maven a little more to see what makes her tick!

christine macdonald, demac media, matt bertulli, stunlock security, marketing director, girl boss

Name: Christine MacDonald
Role: Director of Marketing
Department: Business Development
Time served at Demac: 8 Months


1. How did you find Demac or how did Demac find you?

I was introduced to Demac through Mic Berman. She was working with the Demac leadership team around Traction EOS. When I was looking for a new adventure she recommended speaking with Demac. After being introduced I met with a bunch of the team like Miranda (Culture Office), Emily (Creative Director) and Afshin (President) to see if we would be a good fit.

2. What’s your work-day beverage of choice? What’s your Friday afternoon beverage of choice?

Coffee. Any type of coffee. Any time of the day. Coffee makes me genuinely happy.

3. How would you explain your job/role to a 5 year old?

Imagine your favorite food – let’s say, chocolate.
Now imagine you never knew this food existed! How terrible would that be?
I make sure that never happens, I make sure you know chocolate exists and you know there are different types of chocolate, where you can find chocolate and why chocolate is good for you so you can always enjoy chocolate 🙂


4. How do you explain what you do to your parents?

I create and share different experiences to educate people so they feel comfortable buying products and services to solve their problems.


5. Demac is a flexible workplace….what hours of the day (or night!) do you prefer to work or get your best work done?


christine macdonald, demac media, matt bertulli, stunlock security, marketing director, girl boss

6. What did you study in school? Is it relevant to what you do now?

Business and Society with a minor in Marketing. I worked through University as a marketing coordinator and manager, I found it hard to apply what we were learning in classes to what actually happened day to day. I’m not the biggest fan of school 🙂

7. What song are you loving at the moment to listen to while you work? (or which was the last song played on your Spotify?)

Is it bad that the first “song” that comes to mind is the Uber conference on hold song? I tend to listen to a wide variety of music depending on my mood. Here is a screenshot of my recently played (don’t judge me):


8. What meme/gif/video makes you laugh the most?

Techno Viking!


9.What’s your favorite site to buy from? / Which eCommerce site do you think is amazing?


Sephora – super easy and fast to order.

10.How do you balance work and life? / What do you like to do after you leave the office?

Honestly, I won’t bullshit you, I don’t have work/life balance. I don’t think I will ever have work-life balance because I love to work. When I leave the office I hang out with Tiberius and enjoy an amazing dinner with my boyfriend (he is also the chef) – we get our food through Fresh City Farms. Then I either finish up Demac projects or work on my startup Stunlock Security (DDoS mitigation testing company). I’m not concerned with balancing because I enjoy creating, it keeps me sane and focused.

11. What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?

I don’t do anything out of the norm that most people wouldn’t know. But here are a few things I do that you might not expect from me:

12. What do you love about working at Demac?

I like the mornings at Demac. It might sound simple and almost unrelated but the mornings at Demac are magical. When you first walk in there is always a charge of excitement, people genuinely want to be here and they love working with each other. This feeling is contagious, it makes you feel like you can conquer anything.

13. Do you live Demac’s values in your everyday life>

I think you would get a better answer if you ask my team but I feel that I live the values every day by trying to create a strong bond with the people in my life to better understand their goals and dreams so I can help them (Empathy). My nickname is McGyver (ok I gave the nickname to myself) because I will try to solve every problem with creativity and duct tape (Creativity). Finally, I don’t mess around – if something goes off course, I take ownership – I prefer to take ownership because it means it can be solved faster (Ownership).

14. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to shopping online/in stores/etc.

Horrible user experience – the minute the site gets difficult, I bounce.

15. What have you done at Demac that you’re most proud of?

christine macdonald, demac media, matt bertulli, stunlock security, marketing director, girl boss

When I think of what makes me the most proud, I don’t think of what I have done alone because I can’t be proud of something I’ve done solo. I think of what Brianne, Angel, Sadaf, Margot, Megan, Shannon, Af and I have done together.

We’ve done some monstrous email marketing campaigns (the biggest I’ve seen), a behemoth lead generation asset

“Retailers Guide To The Holiday Season” which brought in great MQLs, built a marketing to sales process from scratch, doing pretty epic sales pitches, better defined service offerings, better data collection and weekly tracking, office revamp and overall, being able to take on any challenge as a team. So I would have to say, I am most proud of my team.


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