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Meet The Demacians – Amy Wolff – Front End Practice Lead

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Another week, another edition of “Meet The Demacians”! In this series we’re revealing what goes on behind the scenes, so you can see how a Commerce Agency operates, and learn more about the people who help build and grow amazing commerce experiences.

I’ve known our next interviewee ever since she had an alliterative name that made me oh-so-happy to say – but don’t get me wrong, I’m even more happy for her and her now-husband.

Amy is a sweet soul, who has grown with Demac Media. She started out as one of our first few female devs straight outta Front End Bootcamp, and is now a leader representin’ for all our amazing Front End developers on Demac’s Leadership team.

Meet Amy Allen Wolff….

meet the demacians, amy wolff, front end, magento, demac, magento developers, women in tech
Name: Amy Wolff
Role: Front End Practice Lead
Department: Engineering
Time served at Demac: 3.5 years

1.How did you find Demac or how did Demac find you?

Dimitri Colomvakos, Demac’s Co-Founder and CTO, found me through a HackerYou online student directory.

2. What’s your work-day beverage of choice? What’s your Friday afternoon beverage of choice?

Day time coffee for sure!
Friday morning Mimosas with the staff, then afternoon coffee again.

3. How would you explain your job/role to a 5 year old?

I build websites – do 5 years olds know what websites are these days?

4. How do you explain what you do to your parents?

I build websites. I build the look and feel of the websites. Backend extends the functionality of a platform or builds it out, and Front End deals with user interactions.

5. Demac is a flexible workplace….what hours of the day (or night!) do you prefer to work or get your best work done?

meet the demacians, amy wolff, front end, magento, demac, magento developers, women in tech
Typically 9-5 and my best work gets done early in the day. Sometimes I’ll come in at 8:00am and get so much more done when it’s quiet. I get a lot of work done during the day if I switch my environment too.

6. What did you study in school? Is it relevant to what you do now?

I have a Bachelor of Design and I find it extremely relevant because I’m so detail oriented when it comes to seeing a design and replicating it. And yes going to Hacker You was 100% relevant because it taught me the skills I have now. I took the Front-end immersive program there.

7. What song are you loving at the moment to listen to while you work? (or which was the last song played on your spotify?)

Something Country while I work.

8. What meme/gif/video makes you laugh the most?

This little pig doing Rihanna’s Work dance.

#werk #schwein #pig #work #rihanna #twerk

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9. What’s your favourite site to buy from? / Which eCommerce site do you think is amazing? – I would LOVE to work with them in the future.

10. How do you balance work and life? / What do you like to do after you leave the office?

meet the demacians, amy wolff, front end, magento, demac, magento developers, women in tech
Anything active, and cooking! Those are hobbies right?

11. What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?

Find What Feels Good! It’s an on-demand Yoga video resource started by Yoga with Adriene who has a popular yoga focused Youtube Channel. I think more people should watch her videos, and learn about the power of yoga.

12. What do you love about working at Demac?

It’s a relaxed culture! Always fun. I’m always excited to see everyone here and never dreaded coming into work. I actually love coming into work on Mondays.

13. Do you live Demac’s values in your everyday life?

I feel like Front End has unlimited creative opportunities, and you can push the boundaries as much as you want. Adding in details and additional add-ons for clients, it really sparks my creativity.

You always understand everyone has stuff going on in their everyday lives. No one here works alone, we all work as a team so we have to have empathy for each other in order to be effective.

14. What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to shopping online/in stores/etc.

When there’s bad product images and informations/details, lack of user reviews, or if retailers make returns challenging. I’m lucky I live in a big city, so it’s easier for me to go try stuff on in-store. Most people don’t have that luxury.

15. What have you done at Demac that you’re most proud of?

Sleep Country Bloom
The Sleep-Country Bloom Magento site launch earlier this year! I think it was designed really well, and directed well by our in-house creative team. Great animations and transitions, stuff that we don’t get to do with every client. It’s a future-proof store, in that it isn’t/doesn’t need to change soon. I want to do more project like this for retailers. I think it’s important that they realize that they need to plan for the future, and build an eCommerce store that will last and grow with their business.

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