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This Week in eCommerce: March 30 – April 3

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This week in eCommerce, our partners over at Shopify have introduced new updates to make running a business in a multichannel world easier on you! A new report released from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, shows that the majority of countries with economic “readiness” for eCommerce are in Europe. Unsurprisingly the report found that in addition to the 50% growth of online shoppers from 2013-2018, China is an industry powerhouse with online sales grew 50% to $450 billion in 2014. Amazon is launching a physical sales button for consumers to install in their house to reorder essential items like diapers and toilet paper. Amazon Dash is available by invite only to select Amazon Prime members. Retailers joined in on the fun this April Fools Day with silly emails offering fun promotions to consumers, but unfortunately the reception to one retailer’s prank was less than favourable. For all the details from this week’s eCommerce newsmakers read-on below!

Our Partners at Shopify Intro Multichannel!Introducing Multichannel Shopify

Source: Shopify

The new retail reality is something Think with Google covered just last week, and a topic we find being discussed around the Demac water cooler frequently. With sales spread across channels these days you as a business owner may feel like you’ve spread yourself thin, with your time going to small manual tasks to keep the business going. Our partners at Shopify announced two exciting updates to the Shopify admin to make multichannel selling much easier! The new Shopify Home greets you as soon as you login to your account, with data-driven insights, tasks, and notifications. Your sales channels are reorganized to accommodate different channels: online, point of sale, and buy buttons, with more to be added. The future of commerce is multichannel, find out more about what Shopify is doing to help you leverage and manage your sales channels by clicking here.

eCommerce keeps on keeping on

The number of global online shoppers will grow 50% by 2018

Source: Internet Retailer

More and more consumers are going online to get their shopping done! In an examination of eCommerce in 130 countries globally a report was released at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Based upon certain criteria the index they developed ranked the readiness of economies according to a 1-100 scale. The countries with the highest readiness? Mostly in Europe: Luxembourg, Norway,and Finland. It is predicated that online shoppers will increase 50% from 2013 – 2018, from 1.079 to 1.623 billion. The study also covered what processes sustain eCommerce growth, and how some countries are hampering industry penetration. 40% of global B2C eCommerce growth will driven by developing countries. The largest market for B2C eCommerce is unsurprisingly China, where sales grew 50% to nearly $450 billion in 2014. For all the numbers on eCommerce growth over the next few years, and the UN’s suggestions to improve eCommerce click here.

Press it an Get it from Amazon

Re-order everyday items from Amazon with the ‘Dash Button’

Source: Engadget

No, this is not an April Fools prank! Amazon is launching a physical button that allows customers to re-order daily essentials at the click of a button. The Dash Button will allow Amazon customers to re-order daily essentials like toilet paper, diapers, and laundry detergent. At the press of a button customers receive a notification on their mobile devices that prompts to either confirm or cancel the order. Select Prime members will receive invites to test out this physical selling tool as of this week with a limit of three per household.

April 1st fun for Fools and Retailers

Online retailers get in on the fun on April Fools’ Day

Source: Internet Retailer

This past week people celebrated April Fools’ Day and retailers globally joined in on the fun. Most “pranks” went over well with consumers, Gap sent an innocent email with a promo code “HAHA” offering a percentage off a purchase for the day, eyeglass retailer Eyesave also sent an email out to customers offering a blurry percentage off purchases. One retailer did face some backlash on social media. West Elm thought it would be funny to jokingly email subscribers with a receipt for a purchase, which some took seriously and hit back at the home decor store on Facebook. Our favourite prank of the day? Amazon’s throwback to its 1999 homepage!

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