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10 Cool Ideas That will Make Your eCommerce Store Awesome!

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Do you want to sell products online? Do you want to be the next Amazon? Do you want to make your eCommerce store awesome? You came to the right place! Our eCommerce experts at Demac Media put together the following list of our best practices that will help elevate your business to the next level. Implement these tips, and soon you’ll be competing with the very best online.

Make Your eCommerce Store Awesome!

1. Stretch all fonts horizontally. The farther the eye has to reach to scan a word, the longer it’ll take them to read your paragraph. Instant retention booster!

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2. Gamify your site. Have CTA’s fly around the screen so the user has to chase them to click. A running high score at the top of the nav will keep them wanting more!




3. Have an older demographic? Remove the need for clicks altogether. Many of these people have arthritis and clicking can be painful for them. Why not try a on-hover purchase? Your customers will thank you for it.

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4. Send out an hourly newsletter. Update your customers with photos of what everyone had for lunch in the office, an awesome Saved By the Bell gif you found, or how someone really should empty the garbage because it smells like Pam’s salmon lunch from two weeks ago. They’ll appreciate the human element.



5. Switch up your UI any chance you get. Avoid getting stale in the eyes of your customers – doesn’t it get old always knowing the cart is at the top right nav? Keep things fresh and try putting the cart in the footer, or in a drop down-labeled “more”. They’ll appreciate the spontaneity.

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6. Ditch your mobile shop. When customers visit your site via phone or tablet, put up a message that says “Get off your phone and take a walk!” More likely than not, they’ll take that walk straight to their computer to visit your shop because, obviously, you care about their well-being and they now feel bonded.


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7. A/B test the same person every time they visit a new page on your site. Testing out a new button color or full-on design? A/B testing the same person will give you double the data in the same amount of time!




8. Create a cartoon help-mascot that pops up every time the customer hasn’t clicked for a while. “Clicky the Crocodile” may be able to point them in the right direction!

demac media, april fool's

9. Have a window pop up every 5 minutes prompting your customer to take a selfie with your site and post it to social media with the hashtag #ChillinWitYourStoreName. You’ll see social stats shoot through the roof. (Bonus points if they face-swap with your logo.)




10. Randomize secret time slots every day when everything on your store is totally free. Once people catch on, they’ll be flocking to your site waiting for the right moment. Watch your traffic soar!




Don’t be (April) Fool-ish!


We’re kidding, of course! If you want REAL eCommerce tips delivered to your inbox, fill in the form below:

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