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Magento Integration – Meet the Data Donkey

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A Donkey? Seriously? Yeah we have a product called the Data Donkey.  Anytime it comes up it garners looks of confusion, disbelief and curiosity…but I digress.  Running at the heart of Demac Media is a custom workflow engine, hand built and finely tuned to schedule “work”.  I know, that’s pretty abstract right? But it’s the only way to describe it.. the Data Donkey does “stuff” day in and day out, 24/7, 365 days a year. Alright..I’ll draw it out for you:

Demac Data Donkey

Pretty simple…right?  There’s no magic here, and that’s the point.  He sits in-between whatever systems you want it to talk to and schedules jobs such as data syncing, exporting, reporting, fetching, image resizing etc.  I won’t get into the core architecture in this post, but it’s comprised of a series of Windows Services, SQL Sever 2008 databases and ASP.NET MVC front end.

Our customers love it because it’s flexible enough to handle their needs, such as pulling data from legacy systems via FTP, or communicating to a 3rd party via REST.  It can to pretty much talk any system, such as old-world bare metal like an AS400, or the new hotness: Magento Enterprise.  This is a brief post because I just wanted to introduce you to him.  I’ll deep dive into the architecture in a future post, but if you have any questions about his capabilities hit me up.

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