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Magento Imagine 2012 Event-Highlights

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From Our CEO, Magento Commerce

Wow!  What a show!  I think it’s safe to say that is how all attendees are feeling after the world-wind experience that was Magento Imagine 2012 in Las Vegas this past week.

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Our team took the red eye out Wednesday night immediately after the Partner Leadership Summit. Now, we’re back at the office, exhausted, heads spinning and hitting the ground running towards a huge new site launch early next week (fingers crossed!).

This year we decided to show even more support for the Magento conference by joining the ranks of the many great Gold Sponsors of the show.  I didn’t quite know what to expect from doing this as we don’t do a lot of on-the-ground events (digital company and all that).  With the event now being finished, it is safe to say that we definitely want to sponsor again next year.  There was just too many great conversations with amazing people to not be there again.

I didn’t have the time to attend many of the sessions / break-outs but from what my team is telling me they were extremely valuable.  Every time a session break was held, our guys came back to our booth in the Market Place ranting and raving about some new thing they just learned about.  This speaks to the quality of the event quite a bit.  Our guys do a LOT of Magento work every year.  For them to be learning something new in each session tells me that the sessions were amazing!

As usual, Magento threw amazing parties that enabled some of the best networking you could ask for.  I have to make a quick mention of some of the people that helped make the event a lot of fun for me.  The guys at Corratech, Kevin from Blue Acorn, Meru from Magento, our fellow Canucks from Sweet Tooth, our beer-loving australian friends from Balance Internet and Greg and his team from One Pica.  These are some of the best people this community has to offer and it’s the main reason (at least for me) I attend all of the Magento events. I’m looking forward to Magento Imagine 2013!

Check out the video below for a recap of the entire conference!


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