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Magento Ecommerce Forum – Toronto 2011 – Recap

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Events, From Our CEO, Magento Commerce

It’s been almost 1 week since our very first Magento event here in Canada.  We had the great pleasure of hosting 73 amazing people to the Magento Ecommerce Forum here in Toronto.

The event was all in all very Canadian.  Very informal and tons of fun.  Tim Schneider from Magento kicked things off with a brief overview of Magento and some of the great things coming from Magento Enterprise.  I followed him with a very quick introduction to Demac Media and thanked everyone for coming out.  And lastly, Steve Patti, CMO from Peer1 Network finished things off before everyone got back to talking Ecommerce (and I’m sure much more fun topics).

We even had an opportunity to introduce the crowd to Social Gift, something the team at Demac Media has been working very hard on with our partners at

This was actually the first “event” we’ve ever organized at Demac.  Our team was fantastic and a number of our staff decided to come on by after a long day of work and join in on the festivities.

So far feedback from the community has been pretty awesome.  We’re hearing that everyone had a great time and maybe even learned a little something about Ecommerce.  For an event that was supposed to end at 9pm and didn’t finish until 11pm, I’m not at all surprised people enjoyed themselves!

[Click here for all pictures from the event]

On a personal note, it was great to see so many people in one place with an interest in Ecommerce in Canada.  We’re pretty passionate about accelerating innovation in the Canadian Ecommerce space and this event just helped stoke the fire.

Thank you again to everyone who attended.  I can’t wait until our next one!

As a side note, for those of you looking for regular Ecommerce discussion in Toronto, please check out eCommerce Toronto.  We’ve been hosting monthly meetups and continue to see increased participation.  Let’s keep it up Canada!!

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