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Magento 2sday: Digital Commerce Innovation with Published Roadmaps

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Last week Magento 2 launched (hooray), and we summarized the entire release in one easy to digest post, for merchants, developers, and digital professionals. We’ve waited some time for this day to come, as we know a lot of you have! As a Magento Gold Solutions Partner, the Demac Media team had the opportunity to learn a little more about Magento 2 during our training sessions and are excited to share its new features with the eCommerce world, and the #RealMagento community, to help businesses reach new heights.

One of the key features we covered in our release post last week was Magento 2’s focus on innovation:

Open Source and Completely Transparent

magento 2 published roadmaps
Magento is a robust open source digital commerce platform, that allows us to build tailor-made experiences for our merchants to help them in their continued success and future growth. Despite being open source, Magento historically has always been close to the chest with their roadmap over the years. This all changes with the release of Magento 2.

You can now expect Magento to share a quarter by quarter roadmap, starting with 2016. It’s great to see them not only commit to regular releases on a schedule, but also to even more openness and transparency around their innovation plan for the platform. The first look we got at their 2016 roadmap definitely got us a little excited!

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An Important Step in the Right Direction for Merchants

magento 2 published roadmaps
One of the big key value propositions of Magento is that it allows merchants to control their own technology/innovation roadmap. This is in stark contrast to the value proposition of SaaS which is all about the democratization of features, which means that the SaaS platform owns the roadmap and you use what they give you. With Magento sharing their core platform roadmap, merchants can better align their own innovation plans to get maximum effectiveness from their technology investments.

For merchants the value of a strong roadmap can’t be understated. The transparency of Magento 2 and their published roadmaps let’s merchant build-out their business on Magento with increase efficiency and effectiveness. With the Magento 2 roadmap in-hand you’ll be apple to plan you investments, knowing exactly where Magento is going to be advancing features forward. In other words, you likely won’t have to worry about building (and paying for) features that are already on the roadmap!

2016 Magento 2 Features…so Far

Some of the big features we know about that are on deck for 2016 are:

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