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Magento 2sday: Grow Your Business While Performing at Your Best

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Magento Commerce

In continuation of our weekly series “Magento 2sday”, we’ve been working our way through Magento 2 to bring you all the latest details and information on the new release. It’s clear to us that Magento 2 was made to to solve the biggest problems in commerce for large-scale businesses. The changes made to the Magento platform will empower developers to write better code and help merchants achieve scale with increased flexibility. Magento 2 truly is “commerce built better” with its enhanced performance and scalability.

Supercharged Commerce Performance

Magento 2, performance scalability, demac media, ecommerce
Client-side and server-side critical improvements to take note of include:

Client-Side Performance Improvements

Server Side Performance Improvements

Performance and Stability Advances

Magento 2, performance scalability, demac media, ecommerce

Magento 2 will include even more advances in performance for merchants! Magento made comprehensive scalability enhancements with the release of M2 to database, order management, check out, catalog and more! The supercharged platform will offer you 50% faster page load times across catalog and checkout pages.

Performance: Magento 2 is integrated with Vanish Cache, which will help reduce server load time for faster performance. Their new performance toolkit will be of great benefit for developers, allowing for easier verification and performance optimization between components to ensure compatibility. Magento 2’s improved indexers are more efficient and will help to speed up overall performance.

Scalability: Full page caching in Magento 2 means that all of your content on a static page is cached. This increases your performance while reducing server load. Admin users will be able to edit concurrently in Magento 2, eliminating conflicts between creating and editing products.

Community and Enterprise Editions

Magento 2, performance scalability, demac media, ecommerce

Magento 2 Community Edition will now be on par with Enterprise Edition when it comes to performance! With out of the box caching capabilities and optimizing indexing, Magento has extended features to Community that have historically limited to Enterprise Edition – this is great news for merchants.

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition will have a number of possible configurations thanks to the introduction of support for multiple master and slave databases. If you’re a merchant looking to achieve massive scale on Magento, this will give you the ability to do so. You can now have a separate database for things like the checkout, order management and product catalog management.

Bigger and Better

Magento’s incredible flexibility is what makes it a leading eCommerce solution provider globally, however this same key feature held performance back in Magento 1.X. Now with the release of Magento 2 the platform maintains that same amazing flexibility while improving performance, allow merchants to grow their businesses while maintaining stability and utilizing the platform’s new levels flexibility.

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