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Magento 2sday: A New Admin Panel Made for Merchant Users

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We’re back with our “Magento 2sday” series, to bring you even more Magento 2 information. In the Real Magento community, one of the most buzzed about topics for eCommerce Administrators, Managers, and Store Owners is the new admin user interface. This upgrade represents a significant improvement upon an admin panel that was, frankly, clunky and not-so user-friendly. The new Magento Admin UI will help you gain operational efficiency with features like:

A User-Friendly Interface To Make Your Job Easier

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Developers will certainly benefit from the launch of Magento 2, but what about the merchants / store owners? We haven’t forgotten you, and neither has Magento. The new Admin user interface for Magento 2 is a complete modern redesign from Magento 1.x, adhering to what we think are current user experience standards.

Aesthetically speaking it’s beautiful with less colours and less clutter, giving you exactly what you need to get the job done. Touch-friendly and responsive flat-design; the main navigation has been placed vertically on the left side, improving both usability and accessibility. This new admin panel is structured to be more intuitive, which might take some getting use to at first, but will make managing your online store a virtual breeze.

A Custom Experience for Your Admin Users

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Aside from its impressive design, the admin panel is incredibly customizable for merchant users. A little personalization in the back-end goes a long way in Magento 2. Drag and drop grid columns make for easier merchandising of product catalogs, especially for merchant users with larger catalogs and multiple merchandisers on staff.

Another feature for merchants we’re excited about is customizable / saveable views. If one user would prefer the product management grids to look one way when merchandising a specific set of categories and then an entirely different view for merchandising promotional items, you can create and save two views that can be easily toggled between. Expect increased efficiency for managing products and your customers in Magento 2.

The product creation process will also be streamlined in Magento 2 with the arrival of the product creation wizard / interfaces. Magento is incredibly flexible, supporting a number of product types, but with this comes a great deal of complexity; Magento 2’s improved user experience and faster functionality will make your life easier with the ability to command the power of this flexibility.

Magento 2 is a business tool for business users

magento 2 admin panel

The release of Magento 2 marks a new era of commerce innovation. The improved Admin Panel UI and functionality elevates Magento to the status of eCommerce business tool specifically made for business people and their challenges. We’ll be releasing more updates surrounding Magento 2 functionalities and features every Tuesday. Stay-tuned on the blog for more, and if you have any questions feel free to get in contact with us.

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