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Keeping your Data Safe

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I wanted to reinforce this topic after reading a very interesting blog post that David Silva of Blue Link ERP wrote on the importance of keeping your data safe. Here at Demac Media, we put an enormous amount of emphasis on our Data Donkey’s ability to move the amount of data on a daily basis as it does. Our clients trust that the Donkey can carry all of that data safely and securely.

The Demac Media Data Donkey specializes in carrying data between our platform partner Magento, and integrating it with ERP systems, Inventory Management and Accounting Software such as Blue Link. Pack all of those files and data onto a hosting network like Peer1 Hosting, you have a lot of data to secure.

For the most part, like mentioned in David’s post, most hosted software solutions are very safe, and once data is moved into them, they are very reliable. However, as a Solution Partner and Development company, we can’t afford to take any chances on basic hosting solutions.

Now before I scare any of our current clients into thinking we are out of control, we are very well in control because we are very well prepared and plan ahead of time for keeping Data Donkey’s data safe. The specs mentioned in the post by David are exactly what you need to have ready in your action plan towards keeping your data safe.

Server Up-Time

We ensure that the servers we use and put our customers on have a good reputation for reliability and if there is any downtime it is resolved with quickly. General maintenance may cause servers to go down but are quick to reach out to their customers letting them know when this will take place. That gives the data donkey a chance to back everything up and us the opportunity to schedule down time with our customers.

Data Redundancy

To prevent any lose of data and to increase security it is important to have a system that has multiple servers and storage units. Make sure that your hosting solutions partner offers both on premises and hosted (cloud based) software to store your data. This way you can monitor the activity of your servers on site and know that it is secure with your hosting partner who has back up storage units.

This leads us to:

Automatic Fail-Over

Your hosting solutions back up data security should include the following specs: back up storage, data recovery, fast recovery solutions. In the event of a failure (and don’t kid yourself folks, it can happen), back up your data in a reserved storage space that can hold onto it until a full recovery is complete. The faster the better, you can’t afford to keep your customers down time high, fast recovery is essential in your recovery plan.

Data Centre Security

Think of your data as all of the money you have in the bank. You store the money in the bank where you think the branch will just put all of your money in the big vault they have in the back. The bank however, will keep your money in a different location (probably a bigger vault buried 100 feet underground, ok, maybe not).

The point is hosted software solutions that store your data keep it at a safe location usually off-site from your business to ensure extra security.

Disaster Prevention

Ensuring these steps and specifications with your hosted solutions provider will keep you worried free in case of a disaster and you lose your servers. Data can be moved and stored very quickly, easily, and securely but it needs to be managed properly and backed up.

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