jQuery Toolbox

When building an eCommerce site, there are a number of must have UI features.  A slider, a modal of any kind (image enlarge, form and etc), tabs and maybe tooltips.

For most of the sites I have worked on, I found that there is a different plugin for each functionality.  The above features can take up to 4 plugins to implement.  For example,  a slider would be built with a jCarousal plugin and a overlay popup would be built with a Fancybox plugin.  Each plugin has its own files for JS, images and CSS which are required to be copied to the skin folder.  Most of the time I have to override their css and image based on our design.

What if I could eliminate all those files with one single JS file and build those features based on simple yet detailed documentations?

Introducing JQuery Toolbox

Its main features cover most of UI elements.  Tabs, tooltips, scrollable (slider) and overlay (modal).   All these features come with animations support.  It’s open-source and free to use on commercial sites.

The Pros:

  • Handles most of frequent used UI elements with only one JS file
  • Detailed documentation for each feature
  • Eliminates many files, less files = fewer downloads = faster load time
  • Can be served by its content delivery network
  • Open source and FREE to use it any way you want

The Con:

  • Are there any?