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Integration and Data Migration at Demac Media

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Well, this is my first post so it won’t be too long. I recently started working at Demac Media as a .Net Developer and I have been working with data migration and integration so far in the following ways:

1. Getting a sample of the data and importing it to the Demac Data Donkey and into a file where we can have product, attribute, price, customer, order, category updates.

2. Working with all the data information on Demac Data Donkey avoiding data loss and possible mistakes. Import, query and export all data to be updated onto the website.

3. Import Product updates through the API to Magento website. Magento is very flexible on web services. It has SOAP, v2_soap(soap 2) and XMLRPC adapter facilities to synchronize products.

4. Setting up report emails. Query different kinds of reports (order, stores sales etc) and email them to the customer.

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Looks easy right? Well, it’s been an interesting and big challenge for me, but I am having a lot of fun with all the logic and methods. I am using my skills and learning day by day especially after working on two projects as a Backend Developer. It has been a great experience to get familiar with web services and Magento and an amazing opportunity for me to work here at Demac Media.

It’s so nice to work for a company where the team is an expert in eCommerce solutions, such as development, customization, store setup, maintain and upgrade services, integration services, data migration services, theme integration and much more.

Finally, Magento is a fantastic open source eCommerce platform where I’ve noticed how easy it is to create your own virtual shop. However there can be some issues in Magento, such as installing extensions or creating new store views which can slow down your website and compromise user experience, and just fluxing the cache cannot solve your problems. This is why it’s so essential to have a great provider and advisor to support all your eCommerce needs – like us here at Demac Media!

So I want to thank my team here, for all the support they’ve given me so far. I’m learning a lot, and excited to see where Canadian eCommerce is going and grow with it.

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