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Insight About The World of eCommerce From Our CEO, Matt Bertulli

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Matt Bertulli is at it again, making the most insightful podcasts to educate and inspire anyone with a passion for eCommerce!

Matt spoke with Kelsey Ramsden of The Futureproofing Podcast about both creating flow and being cutting edge, and how he likes ‘staying as wide as he can and applying super narrow’. As a true believer that ‘growing for the sake of it’ isn’t an end goal, Matt mentions why it’s important for a company to have a purpose, and that he wants Demac to always remain a ‘good’ business, rather than a huge business that is growing just for the sake of growing.


Middle Market also spoke with Matt to discuss his life pre-Demac Media, the quickly evolving eCommerce world and how it has helped Demac become a middle-market company!

Matt mentions how Demac, a two person company, has grown to become a 100 employee international brand and how important it is for him to hire the right people for the right roles in Demac…iterating the fact that it’s very important for him to ‘build a good business first, not to be the biggest’.

Listen to learn more about how Matt is growing Demac!

To round it up, Matt spoke with LaunchStreet about how changing the retail environment presents entrepreneurial opportunities!

Matt mentions Pela Case, his own company that is changing the iPhone case game by making biodegradable iPhone cases that is only sold online.

During the halfway mark, Matt shares the mistakes that retailers often make, like going at their business backward, and caring more about what’s good for them, instead of finding a win-win situation. For Matt, it’s very important to find out who his audience is, and tell that audience a different story that supports the business.

Listen to learn more!

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