World Cup of eCommerce

In order to score big in eCommerce as a merchant, what should you be investing in? What strategies should you be employing for the best ROI? In terms of investments, mobile optimization is the top trend, with 42% of eCommerce players investing in it. For strategies, merchants are finding that the most valuable strategy is by simply optimizing their sales, specials, and outlets. Find out more on this graphic rendition of the 14th Annual Merchant Survey from Baynote!


Source: Baynote

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  • 42% of eCommerce players have made significant investments in mobile optimization! Tweet This!
  • Frequent shopper programs are the top omni-channel players with 63%! Tweet This!
  • 5 of the top 10 significant retailer investments are in marketing! Tweet This!
  • 95% of customers will come back to your store if you have exemplary customer service! Tweet This!