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The Effect of Social Media on Commerce

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Ecommerce Infographics

This week we bring you a great infographic with really interesting stats highlighting how social media has influenced commerce. Social media has the capacity to influence consumer-purchasing decisions based on how a company or brand interacts with their customers via social platforms like Twitter or product demonstrations through video posts on YouTube, Vine or Instagram Video. Have a look at the data to learn The Effect of Social Media on Commerce.

Source: SocialMouths

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  • Every minute, 100,000 tweets are sent, 571 websites are created, 3,600 photos are shared.  Tweet This!
  • 92% of shoppers are more confident in online info vs. from any other source. Tweet This!
  • 57% of companies that use social media for business use Twitter. Tweet This!
  • 83% of people want deals and promotions form social media. Tweet This!
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