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eCommerce in Canada in 2014

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Ecommerce Infographics

As yesterday was Canada Day, we loved this infographic on how eCommerce is growing in Canada. As a Canadian eCommerce company, it’s exciting to see our industry grow and evolve. This year, it is estimated that $25 billion worth of purchases will be made online. That’s up from $18.9 billion from just a couple of years ago. Although this is still significantly smaller than other countries such as the U.S., we are outpacing their growth at 14.3%. This is just the beginning for eCommerce in Canada!


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  • 83% of all Canadians are online & 56% of them make online purchases! Tweet This!
  • Online sales are expected to generate $25 billion this year & $35 billion by 2016! Tweet This!
  • The Canadian eCommerce industry is growing at a faster pace than the U.S. at 14.3%! Tweet This!
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