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China’s eCommerce Market

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As the second largest economy in the world, we’re not surprised to see China’s eCommerce market grow so big so quickly. With an estimated 193 million online shoppers, China is on the path to world eCommerce domination. 75% of their online consumers shop weekly, 86% of them buy products on social media, and 77% shop on mobile phones. With these rates, no wonder businesses are looking to enter the Chinese market! For more information on how their eCommerce market is doing, check out this week’s infographic below!


Source: Digital River

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  • 6 out of every ten dollars spent online in Asia comes from China! Tweet This!
  • China’s eCommerce market is expected to be worth $540 billion by 2015! Tweet This!
  • 75.6% of online shoppers in China purchase apparel, footwear & accessories! Tweet This!
  • 69% of online shoppers in China made a purchase using a smartphone! Tweet This!
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