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How to Increase the Loyalty of Holiday Customers!

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loyalty of holiday customers

The holidays are a crazy time of year for retailers. With the rush of Christmas shoppers and all the sales going on, it’s also the most profitable times for businesses.

What a lot of companies forget to think about though, is that you’ll want to keep the business you got over the holidays going consistently for the rest of the year!

Why settle for a few busy months when you can aim to have a consistent flow of customers all year long? Turning your holiday shoppers into lifelong shoppers can be a difficult task, but as a marketer I truly believe anything can be accomplished with the right marketing tactics.

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The Retailer's Guide to the Holiday Season

When it comes to marketing, it’s important to make use of every opportunity. When your marketing channels are set up for success, you’re able to reach customers on multiple different platforms, making customer retention that much easier.

Here are two things that will help turn your one-time holiday shoppers into your newest ride-or-die customers.

Personalized Emails

Hopefully during the crazy holiday rush, you were able to collect as many emails from shoppers as possible. Follow up emails, discount code emails, and we missed you emails- all of these are great ways to get customers back into your store and back to spending.

Some may be hesitant to give you their email at first…no one likes being spammed everyday with emails. Make sure to give them a reason to WANT to give you their email- cue discount codes. ‘If you register with us today you can 10% off your next order!. It’s a great way to entice them to give their emails, and it also tells you right off the bat that they’re interested in coming back. It’s really a win-win.

Follow up emails are also a huge asset when it comes to customer retention. Let customers know you care by sending a follow up email once they’ve ordered something- it shows good customer service and gives you the ability to send the customer something extra, whether it’s a product related to their recent purchase or a survey on how their shopping experience was.

Social Media

The average person spends approximately 116 minutes (almost two hours!) a day on social media. It’s time to use that statistic to your advantage by driving a lot of marketing efforts towards social media channels like Instagram and Twitter in order to turn your holiday shoppers into lifelong shoppers.

Contests and freebies are a great way to engage your social media followers! There’s a couple different ways to incorporate these into your company’s social media accounts. For starters, you can ask customers to like and share your Instagram or Facebook page, in exchange for a discount, like 10% off their next in-store purchase. Up the ante by announcing that 10 followers will be chosen at random to win something like a small present or free shipping.

Another way to turn holiday shoppers into loyal customers is by making them feel special. Get customers to take pictures with your product, post them on their personal Instagram page and hashtag the name of your company for their chance at winning a freebie. Not only does this get the customer engaged, but it draws more publicity to your page, since all their followers will be seeing the post and hashtag as well. A great way to make your customer feel special is by reposting their picture on your company’s page! Make your customers feel like they’re important to you and you’ll become important to them!

Make sure to be monitor the results of your emails and social media campaigns as well! Once holiday season is over, analyze all of your marketing metrics and see how well your campaigns are doing. An important part that is often overlooked, it’s very important to measure the success of your campaigns in relation to customer loyalty and retention. See what’s working, and what’s not, so you can plan accordingly for next holiday season!

While one-time deals can generate immediate sales, it’s important to use a powerful approach in your campaigns by delivering on your company’s promises and keeping customer happy. It’s also vital to keep delivering these campaigns successfully, to ensure your holiday shoppers are coming back month after month!

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