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Image Management – Tips and Suggestions

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We all know how important image management is on an eCommerce site. It’s practically a given. But believe it or not, we still get a lot of questions about how to manage product images, and what the best way is to set them up on the front end of the site. Not to mention, migrating images from one site to another is still incredibly time consuming because companies aren’t guided in the right direction on keeping track of them internally.

So here are a 4 things to keep in mind when you set up your product images so you can get the best results on the front-end of your site:

1.  Naming – First, name all of your images the same way, using the same naming convention. Imagine how tough it is to match images to products when there is no consistent naming convention used. It’s impossible! And it ends with you doing all kinds of tedious manual work to get them in order. Most companies use the SKU to name their image, but keep in mind that the name of your image will impact how easily search engines find your product. So if people search for your product by colour, name or brand, it’d be good to have it in the name of your image too. I recommend BRAND_NAME_SKU.jpg or BRAND_NAME_COLOUR_SKU.jpg. i.e. Reebok_Pumps_White_1234.jpg (Remember Pumps? – ah the 90s).

2.  Quality – Many high resolution images today are saved at 300 dpi or higher for print. Guess what, this isn’t print. There’s no need to keep your images heavy since you can get great quality, high resolution images at 72 dpi. Let’s keep that bandwidth usage down.

3.  Quantity – Well, make sure you have at least 1 ;), But it is highly recommended to have at least one image per colour (or variation) so that people see what their buying. It’s tough to buy a red shirt when all you can see is the blue one.

4.  Alternate Angles – Depending on your product, displaying more than one angle can mean the difference between converting a sale or not. The more angles the better. You’ll see many sites offer a 360 degree view of their products which gives the customer full visibility. If your budget doesn’t support this kind of production, which is often the case, it is worth it to have at least 3 angles of your product.

Last thing to note is that there are some great companies who you can outsource your photography too who will go the extra mile to take great shots. They can take care of all the angles you need, and make sure you are following eCommerce best practice. Photography is a costly, time consuming, yet necessary task in eCommerce so outsourcing can often save you time, and money. One company to note is E-comstudio based out of Montreal, Quebec. They will actually build a photo studio on-site at your warehouse with full time photographers if need be.

These are just a few best practices, but there are many of them we use as guidelines when working with our customers to make sure they get the most out of their product images. Hope this helps get you started!

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