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How to Prepare for an eCommerce Build

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At Demac Media we have our share of experience with clients who are new to the eCommerce world. Whether they’re already knowledgeable retailers in the Brick and Mortar world or are in the wholesale space or even newbies to retail in general, there is always something new to learn when embarking on building an eCommerce site. Here are just a few handy tips to keep in mind when starting an eCommerce build.

1. Prepare a Thorough Business Requirements Document

Anyone new to the world of eCommerce may not embark on a new build with solid requirements. This is understandable because it takes time to learn what your requirements are as you enter a new market. However, it is essential to sit down and gauge your expectations. What elements are must haves that you can’t live without? Sometimes those requirements are based on your demographic, and only you will know your customers best. Making your requirements clear to your solutions provider is an essential component of the opening stages of starting an eCommerce project. Without a clear understanding of your requirements, you won’t be able to move on to the next step…

2. Realistic Scope

Start with a realistic scope. Often people new to the world of eCommerce take a look at the eComm biggies and think the functionality and features that make a great site are simple tasks for those with the technical skills. But it is never that simple! Successful eCommerce sites are successful because it took time and testing to perfect what works best for their business. Hedge your expectations and talk to the experts to give you the best idea of what will work best for your business. This leads me to my next point…

3. Ask Questions

I can’t stress this point enough. Anyone new to the eCommerce space should come armed to a solutions provider like Demac Media with an arsenal of questions.

Some great starter questions would include:

– What are the core features of the Magento platform? (Don’t forget to ask yourself if the answer meets your requirements!)
– What are the essential features that every eCommerce site should start out with?
– What features should I include in my site to ensure I’m meeting the standards of competitors in my space?

And don’t stop asking questions! At Demac, we’re here to help retailers build amazing eCommerce sites and experiences for their customers. The most fruitful projects are built on a mutual passion for eCommerce.

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