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How to Make Your Platform Evaluation a Triumph by Asking the Right Questions

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Want to build a business that lasts? You need a plan!

The issue is, most retailers don’t know where to start when it comes time to sit down and create a technology roadmap, or make a proper platform evaluation.

You might be guilty of this too; getting too distracted by what your competition is doing, or a piece of shiny new technology. There’s an insane amount of disruption in the eCommerce landscape, and the variety of choice is growing exponentially with the democratization of technology.

Roadmap planning is integral to every conversation we have, because it’s so important to business success. We very rarely meet retailers who have actually gone through the exercise of building their digital roadmap, or who ask the right questions when it comes time to effectively evaluating a different platform.

That’s why we created a simple roadmap called the “Commerce Canvas” to assist retailers in their quest to increased revenue, improved market research, and operational efficiency. We pulled together our this framework and our most informative high-level platform evaluation questions into one downloadable document to help your company along the way.

You can download yours now by filling in the form below:

25 KPIs to Help You Grow Your Business

How to Evaluate Your Next Commerce Platform

commerce canvas and ecommerce platform evaluation

In our work so far with three main platform partners (Magento, Workarea, and Shopify Plus), we’ve determined what really matters for retailers when it comes to platform evaluation. You have to figure out which platform will help you improve your business processes, systems, and challenges. Doing so early-on will create an advantage you’ll be able to leverage further on in the next steps in the roadmapping process.

There is the right platform out there for you, but remember the right choice is in the fine print, so only use these platform evaluation questions as a guideline to get you started in your search.

And remember, volume of sales means almost nothing in your search for a new platform these days, because high growth isn’t a problem that you need to solve, but something that needs to be embraced! Click here to learn more from our CEO, Matt Bertulli on the topic of commerce platforms and GMV.

How to Use the Commerce Canvas

commerce canvas and ecommerce platform evaluation

The Commerce Canvas framework is based on the decades of experience we have in helping retailers bring their businesses online and/or re-platform. We wanted to create a roadmap to kick off your planning and make it easier to put the biggest pillars of your business down “on paper” before getting into the nitty gritty details.

You need to focus on what’s repeatable predictable and achievable, and this downloadable will help!

We encourage that you be completely honest with yourself, and evaluate the true strengths AND weaknesses of your company. The more layers you add, the more complex your technology planning will get.

It pays to be hyper-diligent now!

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