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How to Make an Impression with Email Marketing

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One of the greatest things people shopping online are seeing these days is a personalized experience. Personalized marketing, product recommendations, promotions, and emails. Today I want to talk a little about those emails.

I know you are like me and have a flood of emails from many different sites in your inbox every morning. If you have time to read them all, all the more power to you but the majority of us pick one or two to read, and that’s it. So what makes your email stand out? Rise to the top of the “inbox” pile, as it were. Well if your brand is in a customer’s evoked set – if they know you, and love you – you’ve got a better chance.  If you’re not there, but want to get there, make an impression! This is where personalizing your email marketing comes in to play.

Most if not all reputable and solid ESPs (Email Service Provider) offer personalization tools that allow for some of the below strategies:

– Add subscriber name to email copy
– Use demographic information (city, country, language) to drive email content
– Add subscriber name to email subject

These are basic, but have a great effect. Without even knowing it, people respond to familiarity in marketing.

When it comes to integrating your email with your eCommerce site, you can get a lot more personalized. I’ve said it a million times, the greatest advantage to eCommerce is that everything is trackable. We know where our clients are browsing, we know how long they stay there, we know when their browsing converts to sales, and just as importantly, when it doesn’t. Beyond that, we can track how often they come back, how many visits it takes for them to buy, and how often the buy in a specific time period, etc etc etc…

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While the greatest thing about eCommerce is data, the biggest mistake most people make, is that they do nothing with the data. If I told you that you had the data to increase the effectiveness of your marketing, at your finger tips, you would use it wouldn’t you? I hope so. Email Marketing is one of the, if not the, best way. Here are some things to consider:

1. Segment Your Emails

Demographic info (Gender, Age) and site browsing history (Categories, Products viewed) are data points you can use to really breakdown your email list. Would you send a woman who is interested in Denim the same email as a man who only browses in t-shirts? I wouldn’t.

2. Send Emails Based on Order History

Have they bought recently? If so, for how much and how often? Have they come back to the site? The overall lifetime value of a customer depends entirely on your response to their business. Ask them to come back and review the products they bought. Thank them for their order with incentive to come back again soon.

3. Send Emails Based on Lack of Order History

Just because they haven’t bought, doesn’t mean they won’t. If they browse your site, add to their cart, and don’t checkout, it could be for a plethora (been waiting for an excuse to use that word) of reasons. Abandoned cart campaigns have proven to be very successful. Remind the customer to come back and checkout. If they browse, and don’t add to cart, send them a little incentive. Example: Here’s 10% off, come back and shop.

Try It For Yourself!

There’s a lot of strategy involved in these kinds of campaigns; frequency of messages, timing of emails, etc. They will frequently get adjusted and modified based on their success but give them a try, let me know what you’re seeing and how it’s working!

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