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How To Get Noticed With Mobile Apps

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How do I get noticed on mobile/social?

I get asked this a lot. I’ve started reading Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel, and in the very first chapter, he reminds us that in business, we have to think like our consumer. This is not a revolutionary theory, but as times are changing, what we need to consider when thinking about our customers is too. So let’s ask ourselves, what apps do we really pay attention to on our phones? What am I using Facebook for? What I am really reading on Twitter? I open the same apps every day, and, and look at the same Facebook pages, yes, everyday. I’m not reacting to an email or a message on a website. I open my phone and go for the same apps every day. Why? Because they satisfy a need. News, entertainment, whatever.

Every company out there is trying to get their attention, and to be on the first page of the apps list. How many of you are reading about apps or articles sent to you, versus opening the same app, or publication site everyday. Make your business something they actively come to, with better, and constantly updated content. They should come to you.

One way, as Joel discusses in his book, is to provide utility. A purpose. I am a Fido customer, and I use their app. I am never on their website. Through their app I can see my usage, check which numbers would be considered long distance, versus part of my plan. I ordered a new phone, and was able to track it right from that app. So guess what, this app sits on my home screen. Moreover, I have every intention of staying a Fido customer. I’m sure other companies have similar app.

A great example Mitch describes is the “sit-or-squat” app by Charmin. I actually heard him talk about it at ThinkQuebec by Google last year. I use this app all the time now. This is an app I look for, and use. I don’t like Charmin on Facebook, I don’t follow them on Twitter, but I am exposed to them all the time. And now, it’s the brand I buy for my home. Any of you want that kind of relationship with your consumer?

So tell me, dear readers, what companies have caught your attention? Which brands out there are building that relationship with you? Share below!

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