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How to Actually Get Found in Search in 2015

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Getting ranked on Google is becoming hard than ever with the evolution of SEO. Digital marketers have to remain fully aware of how algorithms work, when they’re going to change, and which changes will impact sites in order to keep up. While content creation remains king to get your eCommerce website found, there are still many unknowns that eCommerce professionals need to figure out. Things like PPC, social channels, remaining mobile-friendly, and knowing how much importance should you place on each. There’s a few things you should take note of if you want to drive traffic to your site and get ranked on search engines. 90% of site visitors will find your website through a search engine! Check out this infographic to learn how to actually get found in search in 2015:

How to Actually Get Found in Search in 2015

Source: JBH and SmartInsights

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Travel is the most search dependant industry, w/ a traffic share of 46%. Tweet this.

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