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How Can Your Online Customer Experience Affect Your Business?

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Customer Experience (CX) is rapidly becoming something that will make or break a company when it comes to their eCommerce presence.

What is Customer Experience exactly? CX is the the result of interaction between a customer and a company- from the brand journey to the digital environment. It’s a key factor in ensuring your customers stay loyal to your brand, and keep coming back for more!

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CX is Driving More Wins for Retailers!

The rise of Machine Learning has improved CX and has also made it easier, making the stats on Customer Experience insane: according to Gartner Data,

42% of CEO’s say that CX is the key to change that has driven more wins
80% of B2B companies have said that CX is the main decision maker when it comes to working with a company.

Customer Experience has become so important in eCommerce that people are even saying it’ll overtake price and quality in brand differentiation. That’s huge.

Bad CX Brings Negative Consquences

There are a lot of things that brands are doing to differentiate themselves when it comes to their online CX, from making sure sites are mobile friendly, optimizing their image and learning from their own competition.

Companies who aren’t focusing on their online CX are making a huge mistake, because they’re negatively affecting their conversion rates, and are simultaneously damaging their brand image.

consequences of bad cx

One thing you should always optimize to make sure your online CX is helping the brand and not tarnishing it is to make sure your site’s mobile user experience is a positive one.

A survey showed that 33% of company decision makers believe that a negative mobile user experience is what’s holding their company back.

More shoppers than ever are now shopping on their mobile devices, and a negative shopping experience can create a number of negative consequences for a brand.

Make sure to focus on your brand’s online CX, because doing it right will make a huge impact on your ROI. As it’s a major downfall of CX, and can harm your entire brand, make sure to optimize your mobile site. Your mobile site should be easy to navigate, appealing, showcasing your product well and selling your story to customers.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What would you want from your site? That answer will help differentiate your brand from your competitors and keep that customer loyalty every brand needs!

Empowered consumers are forcing a paradigm shift in your business model! Join us for Unlocking Customer Experience Analysis: 5 Ways to Improve Your Marketing ROI. During this webinar you’ll discover how to:

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