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The History of Web Design

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Way back in the early 90’s we saw the birth of the internet. And with the introduction of HTML, browsers and web fonts, this paved the way for designers to take on something truly unique. Check out ‘the history of web design’ infographic below, created by AmeriCommerce and you’ll see just how much the web has changed. It’s only been two decades, but we’ve gone from bulky text heavy web design, to long scrolling sites, flat design and responsive navigation. The change of design is quite extraordinary, and something that we can definitely learn a lot from. Will we look back in 20 years time and think websites today are as ugly as they once were when the web first began? Probably. But it’s exciting to look forward, keep innovating and see what the future of web design has to hold!


Source: AmeriCommerce

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In the early years of web design monitors only supported 16 colours! Tweet this.

In 1990 HTML was born, shortly after the first website went live online. Tweet this.

1998 was a big year for web history with the launch of Google, redefining the industry. Tweet this.

In 2003 over half the internet’s users view websites using 4 or 32bit hardware. Tweet this.

In 2007 responsive design becomes more relevant with the launch of the iPhone. Tweet this.

In 2014 the internet turned 25 years old! Tweet this.

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